Oilpressure Takes A Small Break

With the IZOD IndyCar Series having just crossed the halfway point in its season and approaching a weekend with no race, it seemed like a logical time for me to take a small break from Oilpressure.com. After all, it has been Christmas since I have taken a break from my normal Mon-Wed-Fri schedule – along with posting practically every day in the Month of May. Along with not much of a post today (Friday), I plan to take off next Monday (July 12) and Wednesday (July 14). With the pending announcement of the new chassis announcement coming on Wednesday July 14, I’ll have a “special” Thursday post discussing whatever was announced. Then I’ll resume my normal schedule on Friday (July 16) with a preview of the Honda Indy Toronto.

But that doesn’t mean that there will be no posts here. There will be a mystery guest blogger here next Monday or Wednesday to make many salient points – so that rules out Roy Hobbson. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy pushing away for a few days and re-charging my batteries for the second half of the season; which will involve many huge topics such as the new chassis announcement, the new schedule for 2011, more details for the engine formula and…oh, yes – the points championship for the IZOD IndyCar Series to be decided this fall.

Enjoy the guest blogger next week and I’ll be back here on Thursday July 15 with my thoughts on the new chassis.

George Phillips


4 Responses to “Oilpressure Takes A Small Break”

  1. How the heck do I make a comment about a vacation announcement? Oh, yeah–since you did sort of mention it–my latest pet peeve. I hate how spread out the schedule is, especially as it approaches the final race.

    It’s basically two weeks between races and it feels like the momentum just drags. I hope they address that in the new schedule. Motegi seems like it really messes things up (with the travel) and maybe they could move it earlier in the year? Hard to speculate when no one knows for sure where they’ll be racing, I guess.

    Enjoy a few days off, George–but lock the doors and turn on the alarms because Hobbson is just waiting for you to relax so he can pounce. (Well, not pounce exactly–sort of drunkenly lurch, trip, then fall on his face–but he’s out there.)

  2. Enjoy your time off, but don’t get to use to it. We (your loyal readers) need you ready to go for the second half of the season!!

  3. Leigh O'Gorman Says:

    Have fun George, enjoy the break

  4. I’ll be enjoying the guest blogger(s). I know next summer the gaps will simply be filled with “Best of George” segments from 2 years ago.

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