Quick Post-Race Update

Congratulations to Nashville area resident Dario Franchitti, in capturing his second Indianapolis 500 win. I have to admit, in the end – I was not pulling for Dario. It’s strange that I’ve always pulled for Dario throughout his CART/IndyCar career; but once he joined Ganassi – I haven’t been as big a fan.

As the day wore on, it became clear that Franchitti was absolutely dominating this race – I found myself pulling for anyone to pull up there and challenge him. Tony Kanaan drove the race of his life today, but when he moved into second place – he didn’t have anything for Franchitti.

From the first lap, it was obvious Kanaan was going to be the car to watch. He passed about five cars in the first two turns of the race. After only about four laps of green-flag laps, Kanaan had moved up eleven places. This run by TK was reminiscent of Lloyd Ruby’s charge to the front in 1970. The only difference was that Kanaan’s engine didn’t blow.

Kanaan deserved better than the eleventh place finish he ended up with. When I saw him diving into the pits with just a few laps remaining, my heart sank. It appeared that Franchitti was in conservation mode and I was thinking Kanaan could reel him in.

I was relieved to get into the media center to find out that Mike Conway was in relatively OK condition, after one of the most horrifying crashes I’ve seen at this place in quite a while. I still don’t know much, but his injuries do not appear to be life-threatening. I was very concerned, because after showing the replays a few times, there were no further updates over the PA system.

I’ve got to wrap this up. The heat was unbearable today. At one time the announced ambient temperature was 96 degrees. Everyone around me took refuge under the stands for shade except me – not that I’m so tough, I just didn’t want to miss anything. But my group was not happy to be hauling coolers, etc to the car, while I made a quick dash to the air-conditioned media center. If I don’t want to hear about it all the way back to the hotel, I’d better go for now.

I’ll be back later this evening.

George Phillips


10 Responses to “Quick Post-Race Update”

  1. Leigh O'Gorman Says:

    Great race today with stunning drives from Dario and TK. I hear Conway has a broken right leg

  2. Bickelmom Says:

    Can’t wait for your article about your experience!!

  3. Awesome race today. Lot’s of great story lines. That’s for the the updates George, I look forward to your full recap.

  4. Looked like a great crowd. Looked like Indy was relevant again.

    Although Dario was dominant anyway, I was disappointed that it became such a fuel conservation thing at the end. Seems like someone could have pitted earlier and had some fuel left to challenge the leaders.

    Thought DiSilvestro and Beatriz gave solid performances. Daniker stuck with it. Kanaan was amazing, Nicholson was cool. T. Bell and Pink Lloyd ran well and even Marco ran a good race.

    I think I’m glad I was in the A/C though…

    • Leigh O'Gorman Says:

      I didn’t mind the fuel finish as such, because it was clear that Wheldon had enough. What I want to know is if it had stayed green that final lap, would Dario have had enough over Wheldon and to be honest, I’m not sure he would have.

      • Yeah, I didn’t mean that it wasn’t cool with them trying to stretch it, I just would’ve liked to see someone with plenty of ethanol challenging them.

        I don’t know about one more lap Leigh, but I think if there were two laps, Weldon could’ve won. Weldon said after that they were telling him to save fuel, but when it was done, he had plenty left. That could’ve been a costly miscalculation.

  5. Savage Henry Says:

    I was hoping for a yellow at about lap 180. I knew that they were going to be in fuel-save mode when the green dropped at lap 165. I wonder what would have happened if they all had enough to get to the end. Clearly, Dario was the class of the field. However, with the way that Marco and Wheldon were charging to the front its possible that one of them could have had something for him. Also, there would have been a lot of drama with Helio out front not knowing if he was going to make it on fuel, with #4 looming.

    I’m happy that Conway is going to be ok. That said, that was a really stupid move. He got two wheels down in the grass. I could see taking a chance with a pass for the lead, but he was pretty far back in the field. There wasn’t much reward to take that kind of risk.

  6. You sir have my respsect, I sat on the other side of the track and at 12:45 the upper deck finally cast a shadow on our paddock seats. Without it not sure we would have made it. You must be baked…

  7. Brian McKay Says:

    I’ve followed Dario Speedwagon since he drove for Carl Hogan, and I like him. He’s a hot-shoe and an intelligent racer. Watched him and his brother race at Sebring also. I have two Dario stickers on my laptop. But as Dario already got an Indy 500 ring, a mini-Borg-Warner trophy, an Indy 500 payday, and his name on the Borg-Warner trophy, I wanted to see another deserving racer and team win fame and fortune. I had high hopes for Kanaan and Tagliani. When TK had to stop for a splash of fuel, my heart sank also.
    But I am very thankful that Mike Conway wasn’t injured worse and that his car’s roll hoop didn’t take off RH-R’s head. That would’ve been a horror. I don’t want to see any crashes ever. I didn’t like to see unforced errors in all those single-car crashes (c’mon, Briscoe!). But I was glad that they were single-car incidents rather than unfair tangles or a crasher collecting four competitors.
    Then near the end people wanted to see if Wheldon could catch the slowing leader. I thought, ‘no way; can’t make up 3.5 seconds.’ Then Conway smashed RH-R, and stopped the race for first… Glad that Marco got his podium place back.
    Glad that no one was injured worse than Conway.
    Have a safe ride back to Nashville, George.

  8. yeah–thank god that conway’s okay, that was awful. as we move on from Indy 500 to future car stuff–just make ’em as tough as these Dallara’s have become.

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