It’s Race Day Morning At IMS

Good morning from IMS. It’s Race Day and the grounds are buzzing. Much to the chagrin of those in my party, I still think we did the right thing in leaving early. From the time we left the hotel, to the time we parked our car on the grounds of IMS – it was exactly three hours.

The media center is surprisingly quiet. Robin Miller is sitting a few rows back holding court with a few cronies, and there are a few fellow bloggers up here – but other than that, it is amazingly calm at 8:30 on race morning. I would have thought this place would be crawling with media types. Maybe they are all out doing their jobs and digging up last minute stories.

The weather looks great – for now. It is hazy and humid but no clouds for now. However, there is a chance for isolated thunderstorms anytime after the drop of the green flag. The good thing is, there is nothing that will last very long. If we do have a rain delay, it will be just that – a delay. nothing indicates that there will be anything to prevent a full 500 miles from being run. I mentioned the humidity, it is already very humid here. This could be the hottest race we’ve had here since 2006, although it won’t approach the blistering heat of that day.

I forgot to mention that I saw something yesterday, that I had never seen before – the act of blowing up the balloons for the release today during the singing of “Back Home Again In Indiana”. I always wondered when they filled the balloons and where exactly the tent sat. Susan took a picture, but it’s in her camera and she’s not with me at the moment. i’ll load it up in the next day or so.

At the risk of sounding like a name-dropper – Andy Hall of ABC/ESPN dropped by the “Oilpressure desk" and introduced himself. He has offered to give me a tour of their TV production facility in about an hour. I’m not passing that up.

Anyway, I’m going to extricate myself from the media center and go wander around and take in the energy of Race Day.

Back in a bit.

George Phillips


2 Responses to “It’s Race Day Morning At IMS”

  1. I miss it all except the traffic. Look forward to reading your thoughts today, George.

  2. Brian McKay Says:

    a three-hour commute? no, thank you
    This’ll be a ‘long day’ for you.
    I hope it’s a safe one for all spectators, racers and crew

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