Green Flag Approaching

Just a real quick post…

First of all, it’s hot here. I have heard more than one person say expect some mishaps today due to the heat causing a slick track.

Got a great tour of the ESPN facilities…much more on that later. Had the time of my life going up and down pit road. First with it empty, then when it was packed. Had the honor of going onto the grid with the cars on the track before a yellow-shirt kindly asked me to leave. I mean “Kindly” in the truest sense of the word. They have been exceptionally friendly, cheerful and helpful. You ALMOST want to do what they say, because they have been so friendly this year.

Anyway, the pace is picking up and I’m about to head to my seats. I won’t blog or tweat during the race. Sorry, but I want to be a fan and sit and watch. I’ll be back up here in the nice and cool media center, shortly after we have a winner.

Enjoy the race!

George Phillips


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