The Day/Night Before…

In a move to be more cost-conscious (read:cheap), for the past few years, we’ve been staying further out for the Indianapolis 500. By further out, I mean WAY out. It used to be that my group would stay on the outskirts of Indianapolis on Saturday night, go to the race and immediately drive back to Nashville and be home before midnight. The rain delay of 2007 cured me of that. We didn’t get home until 3:00am, and it’s a wonder we survived at all. Now we stay in Columbus, and stay for two nights cheaper than we stayed for one in Indianapolis. The only real problem – getting up early enough to get into the track at an early hour. We leave the hotel at 4:30 to join the line on 16th Street. That means getting for a shower at 3:30, with our bodies still on central time at 2:30 – ouch.

Needless to say, the rest of our group, which is comprised of two teenagers, doesn’t share my enthusiasm of getting to the track early. Tonight went as usual:

What time are we leaving in the morning?


What? You’re kidding, right?

No that’s what we do every year, remember?

Why do we have to get there so f%$#ing early?

Well, you get the idea.

I guess my group gets tired of me doing what I want to do on this trip. I’m the one that insists on going to the museum on the day before the race. I also like going to where our seats are in the Pit Road Terrace, just to sort of see the track as it sits quiet and still before pure chaos breaks out the next day. there is just something a little calming about looking over that long straightaway, with no one in the stands and nothing on track. It’s almost a little surreal. As I stood there taking it all in, I sensed boredom with my group.

But it was fun today. I got to meet the SpeedGeek this afternoon. We met up as we were getting to the track and he was headed to a night of racing at ORP. He was a good guy and he was with his best friend Rick. We stood around and talked racing, etc for a good while. Then we went our different directions, but we’ll probably meet up somewhere tomorrow.


So…it’s almost 10:30 and I’m off to bed. At best, I’m looking at five hours sleep to get me through a very rigorous day tomorrow. It promises to be a big day. Check back in the morning for more posts from IMS.

George Phillips


2 Responses to “The Day/Night Before…”

  1. Wow; I can only imagine arising at 2:30 CT/3:30 ET. My word… I would sleep as close as possible to IMS (NOT camping in IMS) – damn the cost. Wow. Thanks for blogging. Looking forward to Indy 500 photos on Oil pressure.
    BTW, I want someone other than Castroneves to win. Helio has had his days in the sun (pun intended). Let someone else win – and someone other than the Target twins who have already won. Other racers are fast, smart oval racers who have paid their dues in CART or IRL and at IMS. I have never met Davey Hamilton and don’t have a particular affinity for him, but I would be happy to see him win. I would be happy to see Tagliani or Bruno win! I would be happy to see Rahal, J. Andretti, M. Andretti, Kanaan, or Hunter-Reay win!
    Enjoy the day safely.

  2. Jack in NC Says:

    Wish I was there. I for one don’t mind getting up early, and rising a few hours early is nothing compared to the pain of not getting to park in the infield and having to hoof it to the track dragging a cooler. Been there, done that.

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