Shameless Self-Promotion

Yesterday while at Bump Day, I got an e-mail from Scott of His site is primarily devoted to Indiana Basketball, but during the Month of May – he turns his focus to covering the Indianapolis 500. Scott asked me if I would partake in an interview for a podcast regarding qualifying. Thinking it would be a five or six minute interview, I said sure, why not? We scheduled it for later Sunday night when I would be driving back to Nashville from Indianapolis.

Scott called me somewhere just south of Seymour and the conversation lasted all the way to halfway through Kentucky. We talked over an hour. The thing is, it seemed like ten minutes. Somewhere in there, I drove through Louisville and didn’t even realize it. When I get to talking about the Indianapolis 500, time has a way of getting away from me.

We got into a lot of topics ranging from Kanaan’s woes on Sunday, to Danica and all the way to the future of the IZOD IndyCar Series.

So if you want to hear my southern drawl drone on and on about all things IndyCar, check out the podcast here.

George Phillips


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