Mid-Day Bump Day Report


Well, it has been a hot and adventuresome day with some much more to come. The field is now full and one car has been bumped, so far – that of Takuma Sato in the repaired KV Racing Technologies Lotus sponsored Dallara. Right now, the car on the bubble is that of Sebastion Saavedra from the Bryan Herta Autosport garage with a speed of 223.634 mph.

I walked around the garage area this morning and saw Tony Kanaan’s crew working feverishly to repair the 11T car. As I type, he has just taken to the track in the newly repaired car that he crashed this morning, in an near-replay of his shunt from yesterday.

On a trip to my car this morning, I saw Jacques Lazier walking the other way carrying a helmet bag. Later, I heard that AJ Foyt IV was out of the #41 car and that lazier was in. There are conflicting reports over whether Anthony stepped out voluntarily, or was pulled by his famous grandfather. Nevertheless, it now appears that Lazier will be attempting to put the car into the field later today.

One of the most impressive runs I’ve seen this weekend is that of Bruno Junqueira. I’ve been accused of raving about Bruno a little too much over the past year, but to put that car in the field with a speed of 225.662 with only a few laps this morning is nothing short of incredible.

I’m about to head back out. It should be an interesting afternoon. Please check back later.

George Phillips


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