A Dream Come True

At my age, I don’t become awe-struck very often. However, today it just happened.

Kevin Lee, of 1070 The Fan and the IMS Radio Network, knows my love of the history of the Indianapolis 500 and that I am a loyal listener of The Talk Of Gasoline Alley with Donald Davidson – the historian of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. As I was wrapping up the last post in the media center, Kevin came over and said they were at a break on the IMS Radio Network and wanted to know if I would like to meet Donald. Are you kidding?

They were doing their show about four or five rows back from my seat in the media center. I went back there and Kevin gave me a personal introduction and told Donald how Oilpressure.com deals a lot in the historical aspect of the Indianapolis 500.

As Donald stood up to shake my hand, I suddenly felt like a three year-old kid meeting Santa Claus for the first time. Over the years, I have met many drivers, team owners and media types – but none have created such an inner stir as meeting Donald Davidson. I actually met Donald last year and had my picture made with him, but that was strictly as a tourist. To have someone like Kevin Lee make an unsolicited introduction for me, gave me a little more credibility.

The man is exactly as he seems on the radio every night. He is exactly as advertised – kind and very accommodating. I resisted the temptation to try and show off any of my historical knowledge of the race. That would be like a middle-school quarterback trying to show Peyton Manning how well he can throw the ball. Great kid – get out of the way!

Instead, we talked about his show and just how much I think he means to the tradition of this place. I told him how I listen to his podcasts from years past, and even listened to him the whole way up yesterday – much to the chagrin of my female passenger. I told him I had his book from 2006 and that I remembered listening to him on the broadcasts as a child. He seemed genuinely flattered and touched.

I also tried to respect his time. We probably talked for ten minutes tops, but I could have stayed and listened to the man for hours. As I came back over to my seat in the media center to gather my things to go to the track, I sat down and realized I was shaking. Even though he was so at ease, I was a nervous wreck. The only thought that kept going through my head was “awe-struck”.

I thought it would be best to postpone returning to the track and decided to pound out a quick post about it before the feeling of excitement left me.

Thanks to Kevin Lee, and a big thanks to Donald Davidson for making an already great weekend just that much more memorable. It was literally a dream come true.

George Phillips


6 Responses to “A Dream Come True”

  1. I would be awestruck as well. What a great experience it must have been!

  2. I hope you don’t meet up with A.J. today too, he might not be in too good of a mood.

  3. Great story. I’d have been just as nervous as you, George. Glad that the man lives up to the legend.

  4. james t suel Says:


  5. I’ve taken Donald’s class through IUPUI probably 15-16 times and he is just as you say, an extremely nice guy. He always makes time for people in the class on an individual basis during breaks and after each session is over. In my opinion they don’t meke ’em any better than Donald.

  6. Travis R Says:

    Simply awesome, George. I would love to meet Donald. I wonder if he’s got anybody else lined up to take over for him someday?

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