Greetings From IMS


Greetings from the Media Center at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I would never claim to be a veteran attendee of media centers, as this is only the second one I’ve ever been in. The first was at Barber Motorsports Park, the second is today. No disrespect intended for the fine folks at Barber, but this place is huge. I’ve seen blimp hangars smaller than this place.

The crowd here is bigger than I’ve seen for Pole Day in years. It still doesn’t rival the crowds of the early nineties, but it’s a great crowd, nonetheless. The weather is probably the best they’ve had all week also. It’s not a clear blue sky, but it’s still sunny and hot. Altogether, it’s a great day to be at the track.

I’ve seen a lot of my fellow IndyCar bloggers already. The Race Girl is here (Monica Hilton), as well as Pressdog, Paul Dalby from Planet -IRL, Will McCarty from Is It May Yet? and James from 16th and Georgetown.

I’ve also had the pleasure of having a beer trackside with the diabolical Roy Hobbson of The Silent Pagoda. Hobbson I actually have a picture (photo courtesy of Susan Scruggs) to document the occasion. Believe me, he actually lives up to his hard-earned reputation. He just left the media center a few moments ago saying something about going to the Miller Lite Party Deck in turn four. God only knows if I’ll see him again.

On the track, It’s been an interesting day. So far, the top five includes most of the usual suspects, but the biggest surprise is that Alex Tagliani is the provisional pole sitter. I’m not surpised that Tags is in the top-nine. He has had a good season, thus far – and his Fazzt  Racing Team has been fast all month. But to see the number 77 sitting on the top of the pylon, is a bit of a surprise.

As I type this, Helio Castroneves has just knocked him back a notch. Still, it is a good performance thus fa for tags and his new team.

On the other end of the spectrum, Tony Kanaan spun in turn one and smacked the wall in the south end of the track. This is bad news for Kanaan and his Andretti Autosport team. They have not had a great day, as Danica Patrick is sitting in the sixteenth spot and marco is currently sitting in the thirteenth position. I don’t think this is where either of these drivers thought they would be sitting a week ago. Kanaan is probably now looking at being a second day qualifier. That’s a big disappointment considering he was consider a contender for the pole.

Anyway, it’s time to leave the sterile confines of the media center, although the air-conditioning sure feels good. But this is Pole Day at Indy, which means getting hot and sweaty, watching people and smelling ethanol. I’ll be back later.

George Phillips


3 Responses to “Greetings From IMS”

  1. Jack in NC Says:

    Good job, George. track down those parties! And keep reporting for those of us who don’t have Versus and can’t see the results.

  2. Rick Austin Says:

    Also watching the top 24 qualifying now with about 20 minutes to go. I do like the format this year.

  3. Huh. Hobbson looks a lot less beardy (like, crazy homeless guy-style) and a lot more sober than I always pictured him. How about that?

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