Hello From Barber

It’s another picture perfect day from Barber Motorsports Park near Birmingham. There’s no chance of any rain delay today, unlike the first two Izod IndyCar races this season.

The Firestone Indy Lights race is underway. I’m a little perplexed that while the event is going on – most of the media folks are gathered around the food table. For clarification though, I do see Curt Cavin sitting in his assigned seat working away on his laptop.

The crowd here is HUGE. I went through the midway section this morning. This really has the feel of a festival. It’s one hour or so before the IndyCar race and the stands across the track from the pits are packed.

I’ll try to have something up here after the race (but no promises). If not, I’ll definitely have a full post here by Monday morning.

Enjoy the race!


10 Responses to “Hello From Barber”

  1. beautiful. friendly. nice crowd.

    now. how do we make this track racy before next year?

    • Duplicate T5 a few times? šŸ™‚

      The look of the facility looks 1st class… I absolutely LOVE the sculptures that Barber has placed around the track & that motorsport museum looks visit worthy even on a non race weekend ā—

  2. So the race is over, I am watching the post race interview and right before I get up to head into the kitchen to help the Mrs. cook the Manwich my eyes were playing tricks on me! I swear that I see George standing directly behind Jack Arute and Tim Cindric as they talk about the race. Am I crazy George or was that you?

  3. Leigh O'Gorman Says:

    I watched it on the web feed from indycar.com rather than TV and I thought it was a good race. Lots of passing – mostly on the entry into turn 5. A very mature drive today by Andretti and it was such a shame when his fuel came short.

    Looks like a marvellous track to drive, but could possibly do with tightening up one or two corners help passing in the future. Appeared to be really well attended on the web feed.

    • Stephen_P83 Says:

      Leighh, I think we read the same websites. I am always seeing your name when I post something on my favorite F1 website!

      I thought it was a good race. I counted most of the passes on TV and there were plenty. I’ll post it when George puts his full post up later.

      Bob Jenkins said it was the first race on American soil. Then later he corrected himself by saying it was the first Versus covered race in the US of the season. Poor guy. I hope he doesn’t choose Trackside Forum to apologize again. He is a great announcer.

  4. Did not enjoy the event on Tv at all. I thought Vs. was alright, though. Much better than an ABC race.

  5. YES, that was our boy behind Jack Arute! Way to go George and we all know that you worked your @ss off and represented all of us Oilpressurites very well. Also, Bob Jenkins did another wonderful broadcast today and the IZOD girl was my long ago girlfriend’s daughter. We still stay in touch.

  6. Scotty Gates Says:

    “The Firestone Indy Lights race is underway. Iā€™m a little perplexed that while the event is going on ā€“ most of the media folks are gathered around the food table.”

    Indy Lights is a joke. I can’t blame the media folks for not paying attention to it. Nobody else does either.

    Less then one month away from real Indy Car Racing on a race track actually designed for race cars, at Kansas. Can’t wait to see these race cars actually running over 200 MPH again. Back when I used to clean toilets for Team Cheever, Kansas was one of my favorite stops in the series. Long Beach will be a good party (as always) and probably a pretty standard street race. But Kansas, with the added entries and it being the first oval race of the year, will be a rager.

    • Stephen_P83 Says:

      Scotty, to each his own. I am actually not looking forward to Kansas at all. I think it’ll be a snoozer, but I don’t really care for any oval race at all. Everyone has their preferences. I’ll still watch it no matter what because it’s an Indycar racing. Street and road course races are “real Indy Car Racing”. How can you say it’s not?

  7. Randy Holbrook Says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. Gorgeous track but I never really found a spot I could see a lot of action from. I tried different vantage points all weekend and never found anything I could really see more than two turns from. The track staff was awesome though. The only problem I had all weekend was in leaving after the Indy race on Sunday. The buses to and from the public parking worked great all weekend until everyone left at the same time on Sunday. Best part of the event was the paddock pass enabling me to get up close to the cars and drivers.

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