The Mac Wins

OK…I’m in the (very hot) media center at Barber. There are no reserved seats for bloggers as we are at the bottom rung of the food chain. But still, it’s pretty neat being up here and seeing reserved spots for Curt Cavin, Associate Press, etc.

Unfortunately, I cannot pick up the wireless on the Mac so for now I’m reduced to standing up and pecking away on the iPhone.

The course (and the media center) is buzzing. The Rolex cars were on the track when I got here.

It’s a beautiful day. I’m going roaming. Back in a bit.



8 Responses to “The Mac Wins”

  1. You’re a BLOGGER, damnit. Flee that sterile, humorless press room & GET OUT INTO THE STANDS!!! Mingle. Talk to people. Drink a case of beer. Get a feel for the place. Write from the perspective of an interested FAN on the scene. Not a detached journalist. We have them already.

    [throws down bullhorn dramatically, climbs off soapbox]

  2. Gotta agree with Roy. Get out there and enjoy the weekend and give us your feedback from the hills and turns. The best way for you to get the rest of us unlucky fellows involved is through enjoying yourself and telling us what the fan atmosphere is like.

    Most of all, have fun and watch a great race.

    • Oilpressure Says:

      I stayed in the media center (what I used to call a pressbox) just long enough to figure out that it wad too hot and the laptop wouldn’t work. I also used their first class restroom facilities and snag some free food.

      I am mingling amongst the masses as we speak.

  3. Check to see if the Mac’s AIRPORT is turned on 💡 Not talking down to ya…. but sometimes it gets switched off…

  4. George, don’t be shy…introduce yourself yo Jack Arute at least… Since he publicly (via twitter) called Roy Hobbson “Nancy Boy” recently, …he probably follows your blog too.

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