One IICS Practice In The Books

Well, as a fan – I thoroughly enjoyed the first practice. As a blogger, I didn’t do a very good job. I have no clue who led the session or anthing happening of note – but I had a blast.

I met up with a reader, "imjustsayinisall", whom I had never met before. He and I stood at the entrance of pit road and had a great time talking racing and just taking it all in.

The day is now warm and still a crystal blue sky. I can tell by the feel of my face that I’m getting sunburned… but who cares? I’m at a race track.

I think either the Continental Tire or Rolex series is about to practice next, and then the Firestone Indy Lights followed by the second session for the Izod IndyCar Series. It has already been a full day, but still so much more to go.

God intended racing for days like this. Life is good.



4 Responses to “One IICS Practice In The Books”

  1. Thanks for the report, George. Sounds awesome.

    Hobbson sounds like a comic book newspaper editor, all he needed was a “Great Ceasar’s Ghost.”

  2. George-
    You are a fantastic blogger!
    The most informative Indy Historian. You should ask for a press card-
    Patric Dempsey is supposed to be there this weekend…
    Sweet Home Alabama!

  3. Andy Bernstein Says:

    You’ll have a lot more fun just soaking everything in, and writing to reflect about it later.

    And fun is what this is all about…take more than your share!

    Andybody who says IndyCars look slow on road courses has some splainin’ to do, and they’ll be a second quicker tomorrow on reds.

    What a great track, they just need one good place to pass. I hope they find it on Sunday.

  4. Way to go George. Are you getting some pictures?

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