The Distaste Of Eating Crow

There is a reason that I never took up gambling…I never win. Such was the case yesterday, when I lost a bet that I was foolish enough to make with Roy Hobbson; the outrageously funny writer of The Silent Pagoda.

The bet was simple enough. I had been convinced, along with most people here in the Music City, that the Tennessee Titans were going to continue their winning ways and ruin the Colts undefeated season. Roy thought otherwise. The stakes? Whoever won, got to take over the other’s blog for a day.

You will not find two IndyCar blogs that are less alike than and The Silent Pagoda. While takes a semi-serious tone when giving commentary about anything IndyCar both past and present; The Silent Pagoda takes a very offbeat and somewhat quirky approach examining anything even vaguely related to IndyCar. Although I would never let him know it, I really consider his sense of humor to be borderline genius.

Unfortunately, the Titans laid an egg in a very uninspired effort. Therefore, throughout the day today, this site will be under siege by the evil genius of Roy Hobbson. I have no idea what will be showing up here today or how often, nor do I take any responsibility for any of the comments he posts.

I only hope there will still be something left resembling this site when Roy is done having his way with it. I also pray that there will still be some readers left when I take the site back for Wednesday’s article. Don’t blame me – blame the Titans.

George Phillips


5 Responses to “The Distaste Of Eating Crow”

  1. George,

    Don’t feel too bad. Even I bet against my Colts yesterday and I got COOKED! This was the game that I was worried about (after New England), particularly since the Colts have never seemed to be able to contain Vince Young. And, while they didn’t completely contain the Titans offense, they managed to keep them out of the end zone.

  2. The Titans looked more inspired than the Steelers or Vikings did ❗ JMO

  3. First off, George, you deserve a great deal of credit for being a man and accepting that you lost the bet, and are taking your medicine. You didn’t welsh or try to get out of it, and that says a great deal about your character.

    I really can’t comment about the game, as I didn’t get the game here in New York-we got New England-Miami on CBS and Philadelphia-Atlanta followed by Dallas-New York Giants on Fox-but I can say that I a really happy that my Cardinals got a much needed win last night against Minnesota! Yay!!!!!!!!


    Built in 2009, destroyed in a day – what was that about Rome again?

  5. Brian McKay Says:

    “offbeat and somewhat quirky” — yeah, that’s the Pagoda.

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