Revisiting The Chaparral 2-C: An Historical Analysis

In light of the fact that I’m currently squatting in the Racing Knowledge Capital of the World, I feel obligated to write a historical piece on an integral advancement that reshaped the sport. And while George has the uncanny knack of churning these masterworks out hourly, us mere humans find the task far more challenging. More specifically, I haven’t the attention span for such analytical detail. Simply put, squirrels are less easily distracted than am I.

That said, let us revisit the Chaparral 2-C racecar — which was famous for being the first with an in-car adjustable rear JUMPIN’ JESUS WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT!!!!!! PEOPLE CAN NOW TYPE WITH THEIR MINDS!!!! THEIR MINDS, I SAY!!! JUST LIKE A JEDI KNIGHT!!!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!

[spends remainder of day trying to mentally type]


20 Responses to “Revisiting The Chaparral 2-C: An Historical Analysis”

  1. CurlingRacer Says:

    These are not the droids you are looking for….Oh yeah, the Chaparral was a real pretty yellow too…Keep it up Roy!! Sorry George!!

  2. And here I am using my fingers like a idi…Hey Roy! Check out that blinky light!

  3. Wow Roy, maybe on a daily basis you should pretend that Silent Pagoda is not your blog…then maybe there would be more than the lazy 1 to 2 posts a week we are used to…haha

  4. This may be the first time I get a hangover from a blog.

  5. The pillaging is taking a momentary break for food & my basketball league game. Talk amongst yourselves.

  6. Come on, Hobbson. I come back over here under the guise of spending some good late-workday time reading about Jim Hall’s genius, and THIS is my reward?!? I’m not sure who I loathe more: you, for deceiving me, or me, for expecting anything other than…well, whatever this was. We are gonna have words at Carb Day next year, buddy. That is, if I can find you out in the Coke Lot among the towers of empties.

    Really, George? Wagering on the Titans? How bored ARE folks in Tennessee right now? Shall we put something on the Chik-fil-A Bowl while we’re here?

  7. If no one else has spoken for it, Roy, and I haven’t read it anywhere, at the end of the day, can I have the toaster?

  8. Mel Brooks will be writing a screen play, loosely based on his classic, Young Frankenstein, about this historic day in Indy Car blogging. Roy, of course, is Gene Wilder as young Dr. Frankenstein: That’s Fraankenschteen; the lovely Lindy Thakston is Terry Garr as his lovely assistant Inga – nice knockers!!; myself as Igor – that’s Eye-gore (and I look surprisingly similar to both Marty Feldman and Larry Fine); Mari Hulman-George is Cloris Leachman as Frau Blucher; Kathy George is Madlyn Kahn as Elizabeth; and of course, George as Peter Boyle-IT’S ALIVE!!

  9. Jason McVeigh Says:

    Can Jack Arute be in the movie? There’s bound to be someone he can play.

  10. tim nothhelfer Says:

    I feel like I have fallen into the looking glass through my monitor….how weird!

  11. Jason McVeigh Says:

    Looks like Danicas Nascar deal will be announced tomorrow. Do you think Nascar felt threatened by the hugeness of the Pagoda teaming with oil pressure and felt they had to counter with a big announcement?

  12. bickelmom Says:

    I am so bummed I missed most of the hostile overthrow all day! I had to pretend to be a grown up and go to work when I could have been running around Oilpressure making snarky comments like I was on Pagoda. Of all the rotten days to be called into the office. This has been a delightfully unholy union, George and Roy. (makes feeble attempt to color on the walls with crayon since responsibility has sucked the fun out of her day)

  13. Silent Pressure? Oilpagoda? I’m not sure what to call it, but I feel dirty.

  14. I had been wondering where bickelmom was. I figured she was on vacation.

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