Controlling A Hectic Schedule

As the offseason quickly approaches and the IndyCar season is slowing down, I’m finding my schedule becoming more hectic these days – now that I’ve actually been back in the real world of working adults for almost a month now. It is Thursday night about 11:15 as I have just now found a chance to sit down and type something. There was no new article this morning, and after an extremely busy day today I haven’t had time to think about what to write for tomorrow.

No, I’m not quitting the blog. But now that I am working longer hours and we are entering a time of the year that racing news is not at the forefront of everyone’s mind – I think it is a good time to set up an offseason schedule. Even though there is still one race left, it really seems as if we entered the offseason a few weeks ago since there has only been one race over the past five weekends.

With that being said, for the foreseeable future – that is to say until next spring; I think it is fair to me and the regular readers of this site to set a semi-regular schedule for articles to appear here. I feel confident in committing to three articles a week over the offseason. Monday, Wednesday and Friday will probably work best. Even in the heart of the season, the weekends get one third of the traffic that weekdays do. Mon-Wed-Fri seems to make the most sense. Everyone will know when to expect an article and when not to. Next weekend will be the exception, as there is the little matter of the championship being decided next Saturday. But beginning the week of Oct 12 – I plan to cut back to three articles a week

I really enjoy doing this blog, writing the articles and interacting with readers who e-mail me regularly. I want to continue throughout the coming winter and jump back in full-speed next spring, if possible. But the demands of my job are stacking up and I have many duties at home that occupy my time. I don’t want to throw stuff up there (like this) just to throw stuff up there when I haven’t had the time to put thought into it.

Please give me your feedback if you think three times a week is enough, too little or too much. I just think it’s fair to set out a schedule rather than post whenever I feel like it. I haven’t lost interest, only time – and I’m trying to do what’s right for everyone. Let me hear from you and as always – thanks for reading.

George Phillips


17 Responses to “Controlling A Hectic Schedule”

  1. George,
    It’s your blog, so whatever is good for you.

    I know the feeling – I tend to slow down during the off season too and focus on other subjects.
    Would you be interested if other folk submitted articles to the blog as well?

  2. Before reading that, I would have bet that you would update once at week during the off-season, twice at most. I know I’d never be able to find enough to talk about this winter when nothing’s going on and nobody’s going to be on trial.

    • oilpressure Says:


      I don’t think it will come to that (although never say never). But the offseason subjects may be more about something that happened 20 years ago instead of 2009. – GP

  3. Love your blog. Thanks for the effort. Good luck finding material this winter.

  4. Chris Lukens Says:

    I had to laugh that right below “Don’t come back until Spring” you had included ”Don’t come back at all”. I think you should write 1 blog a week. I think you should write 3 blogs a week. Actually, I think you should write whenever the spirit moves you. I really enjoy this Blog and would hate to se you get burned out.

  5. Tim Nothhelfer Says:

    Does this count as one of the three?

    • oilpressure Says:


      Actually the three a week will begin the week of Oct 12. Beginning this Monday, I may have something almost everyday next week since it is (a) a race week and (b) the championship. – GP

  6. Jim Gallo Says:

    Thanks George for all the time and effort you have put into this. One or two weekly updates during the off-season is even more than provides. Your site is a daily checkout and your history provides a flash back that is refreshing. I enjoy them all and again applaud your efforts. Thanks again.

    • oilpressure Says:

      The fact that it is a daily checkout is the reason I’m trying to adhere to a schedule. If people don’t know when to expect something new and it’s not there…they begin to stop checking at all.

    • I couldn’t have said that better. George, I would’ve thought once — or twice — per week. IndyCar should thank you for producing so much!

      • Oops; I had thought that I was following Jim Gallo and saying that he said it all. By the way, I do like having comments displayed in this order; top-down from oldest to latest.

  7. I agree with Leigh O’Gorman. George, you should update the blog as often as your schedule allows you to. If we don’t understand that you have a life and other responsibilites to attend to, that is our issue to deal with. You provide a great service to us IndyCar fans and I don’t know if I’ve said this but, THANK YOU! for taking the time to write and share your love of IndyCar racing with us. Frankly, I feel that your blog is more well-written and professional than some of the media columns that are written. Yours is my favourite IndyCar blog by far! Thank you again.

  8. jerrycruz Says:

    George, your blog is a daily checkout for me but I have voted for 3 posts per week since you provide history and inside information we may not get anywhere. I really, really wish you the best and keep posting on this fantastic blog. I think the comments here from all your fans support your great work.

    PD: some guest’s article, maybe once every other week, will give open up some time for other matter you may have to attend on your personal front.


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