Completing The Circle

Since starting this site on May 1, I have had several comments and e-mails complimenting the fact that I post daily on a regular basis. Some expressed amazement that I had the time to invest in this project. Well, there was a reason for that. What most people didn’t realize was that I had been a casualty of the down economy and I had been unemployed since the end of March,

Last fall, the grass appeared greener as I left a company where I had worked for five years. I took a management job with a regional company based out of Florida, heading up their Nashville office. I started my new job on December 1. Shortly thereafter, the new company revised their business model for 2009 and the Nashville market was no longer in their plans. They closed the doors of the Nashville office at the end of the first quarter.

The unemployment numbers took a slight drop this week as I have finally re-entered the ranks of the employed. After months of job searching, I decided to approach the employer that I left last fall. I realized the hard way that I never should have left in the first place. After about three weeks of negotiating, we came to an agreement and I start back at my old job on Sep 8, the day after Labor Day.

It’s been a strange odyssey for me since i left my "old" company last fall. After my new job ended last March, I have been on countless interviews. Some got very far in the interview process. A couple of times, an internal candidate beat me out. Once, the economy made a company decide not to fill the position at all. One decision-maker turned out to be best friends with someone I had gotten crossways with in the mid-nineties. It’s funny (not really) how the strangest occurrences can resurface years later when you least suspect it. Once I had three fantastic interviews with a company with their upper management. When I finally met the person I would eventually report to, who lived in another city, we both knew within thirty seconds that it would not work. Our personalities were about as diametrically opposed as they could possibly be.

It’s ironic that out of all the twists and turns that my career search has taken in the past ten months, that I would eventually land right back where I started. It’s a perfect case of the circle now being complete. Not only am I back, but I’m excited to be back. It’s a unique situation to be able to get a fresh start and be at the same place. I feel the time away has done me some good and I’m ready to tackle it with full force.

I’ve said before that it was the urging of family and friends that convinced me to start this site. One reason I decided to do it was to keep my mind sharp during my down time, while doing something that had a self-imposed deadline. I knew I would never be fired from the site if I didn’t post a daily article, but unless there were other commitments that prevented me from writing an article that day – I felt an obligation to produce one. Granted, some were written after great thought while others were thrown together at the last minute. Ironically, some of the last-minute articles seemed to gather the most attention from readers. has surprisingly taken off and I really enjoy doing it. I have no plans to quit – but I also want to let everyone know that the days of a daily posting may be fleeting. My goal is still to do something daily but I also hope everyone understands that at times, that may not be possible. From now until the end of the year, my days will be very full and there may not be enough hours in a day to put together a posting of substance. I would prefer to put up something decent and thoughtful as time permits, rather than slapping something together that is totally worthless, just to have something new up there. There was a casualty in the blogosphere just a few weeks ago when Joel at IRL O-Rama gave up writing just because he had no time for it. I don’t want to give this up

I will do my best to maintain this site as I have for the past four months, but please understand that it now ranks a little lower on my list of priorities. If I go a couple of days with no post, cut me some slack and keep checking back. I’ll try to update through my Twitter account (oilpressureblog) what is going on. But in the meantime, my goal is to still post daily. When the off-season comes, that may be a different story and it may cut back to two or three times a week, since news is scarce at that time.

I can think of no thought-provoking blog question for today. I will keep everyone up to date with how things are going and what to expect. Thanks to everyone who has been following this site. It has been a lifesaver for keeping my mind from turning to mush, while I dwelled in my job search. We’ll keep it going.

George Phillips


17 Responses to “Completing The Circle”

  1. Thanks George for all the great comments and opinions over the past months. I share your passion for this sport and do appreciate all the time you have put into this. Good luck in the future.

  2. Jack in NC Says:

    Somehow I suspect that you will find the time to continue the blog. It is obviously something you enjoy, and a man always finds time to do the things he enjoys. In this case I certainly hope so, because reading your blog has become a part of my morning routine. I would miss it if I was told I couldn’t have a cup of coffee in the morning any more,and I feel the same way about Oilpressure.

    Good luck with the new/old job. I hope it works out well for you.

  3. As a blogger myself I know exactly what you are saying! We’ll read and discuss when there are posts … and we’ll know when there are posts as that’s what RSS is for!

  4. I know the feeling since I started back working last year – I still post a bit, but not as much as I used to.
    Congrats of the ehh… new/old (nold?) job George!!


  5. Mike Silver Says:

    Congratulations. I enjoy your posts. they are well written and thoughtful. Good luck. I will miss the daily posts.

    • oilpressure Says:

      Thanks for all of the kind words, but please remember — I plan to CONTINUE the daily posts. It just might work out that I may have to cut back. We’ll see. — GP

  6. Glad to hear that you are back to work! That must be a great feeling. Congrats and good luck. I am not a coffee drinker (more of a red bull guy) but I always read this site when I get to work every morning at 8am Ohio time. I will still be taking a glance whether it is updated or not.

  7. Congrats on finding the new gig. Income is a good thing. Keep up the good work on and off line.

  8. stupid jobs–they screw up everything.

  9. Woo Hoo – I might have a chance at beating George to a topic now!!!

    Good luck with the day job George! Hopefully this means you can cover more events in person now!

  10. Congrats on the successful job search! Like the ‘Dog says, getting paid is good.

    Just remeber this: your blog is great, and all of us love to read it daily, but you don’t owe anything to us. You didn’t sign a multi-million dollar contract to post daily, so if you don’t, it’s no big thing. It’s supposed to be an outlet for you, and a fun passtime for YOU, so if you find yourself needing to recover after a crappy day at work or whatever by sitting in front of the tube in stead of blogging, I think we’ll all understand. At least, that’s the excuse I’ve been using for not writing for like three months now…

    Anyway, whenever you do post, though, we’ll all be checking in to read it.

  11. Congratulations on finding a job. I always enjoy reading your blog everyday. Even if you miss a few days, I guess we can let you off the hook. Good Luck on keeping it going!!!

  12. Man, congrats on your new/old job…l will miss your daily posts if they fail to be seen but I have a feeling they will continue on a “normal” and manageable form. You have fans and we will eagerly await your posts. Best of luck and keep up the good work!

  13. Judy in Texas Says:

    George, I always wondered how you had the time to write so often — it just never occurred to me that you were among the unemployed. I’m sorry you found yourself in that circumstance, but I’m so glad that you started OilPressure. As a “newcomer” to IRL racing, your articles have been my learning manual — especially those concerning the history of the IRL and it’s drivers.

    Thanks for what you have done so well — and I’ll still check OilPressure on a daily basis “just in case”.

    • I second this post, George! It is my fist season really following the whole season (I was a 500 only girl before). This blog is helping me understand what is going on on a deeper level. I won’t stop checking just because it isn’t daily! Congrats on the job!

  14. Best of wishes and good luck. I’d always assumed you’d cut back on during the droughts (like the one we’re in now–when his Montegi???) and the off-season. This blog always had the feel of a quality once-weekly column. I was amazed that it ran every day, including many Saturdays.

  15. Franchittilitter Says:

    As long as the quality continues, none of us should be concerned about the quantity. In other words, no worries and thanks!

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