Weekend Food For Thought

As we head into the first “off” weekend in quite some time, there are some random unanswered questions that have been left hanging that we will ponder over the weekend. In the meantime…I think I’ll take a well-earned day off as well, but will return first thing Monday morning. Have a good weekend, and here is some food for thought…

–I know he denies it, but is the timing of Alex Lloyd’s leaving Chip Ganassi Racing, as coincidental as he claims?

–Will “Her Energy Drink” stay with Alex Lloyd as he insinuates, or will they stay with Ganassi to team up with Danica if she signs there?

–I’m not sure he had any other options, but have we seen the beginning of the slow, downward spiral of Dan Wheldon’s career?

–Why is Dario spending more time in “alternate” paint schemes while Dixon remains in the Target livery?

–Why was Tomas Scheckter’s “Mona Vie” paint scheme so good looking with Coyne at Indy but so ugly with Dreyer & Reinbold?

–Had Vitor Meira not been injured at Indy, would he have survived the season with AJ Foyt?

–Will Paul Tracy ever get a full-time ride in the IndyCar Series?

–Why do I find it so hard to root for Mario Moraes?

–Will Dale Coyne and Justin Wilson re-capture their early season magic when street/road courses return to the schedule or was that a fluke?

–Will Ryan Hunter-Reay be able to get new boss AJ Foyt to be in the next Izod commercial with all of those hip Izod dudes?

We’ll look into some of these topics and more in the next few weeks. This will be the first day off I’ve taken since starting this blog on May 1. I’m still amazed at how this has grown and I thank everyone who has taken the time to read my rants and ramblings. Enjoy the weekend and we’ll see you Monday morning.

George Phillips


5 Responses to “Weekend Food For Thought”

  1. Hey George I just wanted to comment on a few of your questions. 1) Paul Tracy made an interesting comment on his blog at racer.com. He mentioned if Danica left to join TCGR then he would love to join AGR if everything fell into place. That could possibly answer your question on whether or not Tracy would ever find a full time ride in the ICS. Would love to see it! 2) I find it tough to root for Mario as well. I have no idea why but it may be due to the fact that he comes from a wealthy family and he seems to act like he lives, if that makes any sense. I’m not trying to be mean in any way but that is how I feel with Mario. I just find it easier to root for Matos because his road to the ICS is more of a feel good story. 3) I don’t think it was luck that Wilson and DC found the podium at St. Pete. Wilson has immense talent, and I feel that Dale Coyne seems to have good cars on road/street courses. Enjoy your day off and thanks again for posting great columns!

  2. Bob Tzucker Says:

    I can’t root for Mario either. Wierd. Also, one question that I want answered is, “Who did EJ Viso piss off so bad that he has had such miserable luck this year?” I was hoping to see him in the mix more this year, but he’s just been getting murdered with problems.

  3. I’m with you on Mario Moraes. For me, I think he still seems mighty immature (when compared to the Graham Rahal’s of the world, especially). He also seems kind of cocky. I think a lot of race fans enjoy rooting for the humble guy who is a good solid driver. So far I’ve not seen much of that from Moraes.

    I hope that’s not the case with Wheldon. I thin

  4. I cut myself off…

    I hope that’s not the case with Wheldon. When I saw him at the Carb Night Burger Bash he had the crowd in the palm of his hand. I think he may be repairing this image with the race fans. I don’t think Panther Racing should ever be counted out (and I hope I’m right!).

  5. I thought that Alex Lloyd realized after Indy that Chip has no long-term plan for him and decided to leave Chip Ganassi Racing. Is it “as coincidental as he claims?” Ah, I suspect that Chip and his employees are tryin’ behind the scenes to get Danica before anyone else does, and Alex could sense that Chip’s not interested in him whenever meeting with him. No writing on the wall, but Alex could sense that he’s not cherished.

    I cannot imagine why Scott Dixon would leave a team with which he’s won two championchips for Gil de Ferran’s team, which hasn’t run an Indycar for 1 mile.

    I guess that Ganassi will field three drivers, Danica in the HER Energy Drink and Target car, and Dixon and Franchitti. And Danica’s remaking her image with notes about toast and cookies, for Target and HER and their audience.

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