UPDATE: Race Day Follow-up

First off–thanks to "the other blogger", Bruce Yarbro for providing all of the posts while I was at the race. See…there actually ARE two of us doing this.

I’m back at the hotel, tired and sunburned — but pleased. As I said a couple of weeks ago, Helio was my choice to win. He didn’t disappoint. It’s hard to make too many comments without seeing the replay yet, but just a couple of observations…

The first half was boring. It was just a Ganassi parade. There was little passing or action. Everyone seemed content to run single file.

The second half, it seemed everyone got racier. The pace seemed to pick up and the second half was as exciting as the first half was dull. After I watch the replay when I get home (no I’m not watching the local delayed broadcast–too tired), I might see things differently.

Too bad for Kanaan. He looked like he was mounting a serious charge when he had a very hard hit. I am not a Danica fan, but I’ll give her credit for a good drive for third. Wheldon did well and so did Townsend Bell. Servia had a strong run going until sidelined with fuel pump problems.

I am going back to Nashville tomorrow and will rest up. Unfortunately, this is it from me until Tuesday morning. Again, thanks to Bruce for doing posts throughout the race. That way, I didn’t have to sit there tapping an iPhone during the race.

I’ll be back here Tuesday morning. Enjoy the holiday!

George Phillips


2 Responses to “UPDATE: Race Day Follow-up”

  1. George and Bruce, great job! Have a terrific Memorial day!

  2. John McLallen Says:

    Good stuff and I will enjoy the bench racing this will provide. I enjoyed the race and there were a few surprises. Weldon hanging in there, Will Power ran a good race and the Ganassi boys coughing at the end. Too bad about TK and that was a downer. He is the best driver to not have yet won Indy.

    BTW, I am looking forward to receiving the 100 years of Indy book that I ordered from the OilPressure store.

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