2015 Indianapolis 500 Trivia Contest

Posted in Indianapolis 500 on May 6, 2015 by Oilpressure

One of the traditions for this site is the annual Indianapolis Trivia Contest. For the seventh year in a row, I have put together a list of thirty-three questions. This year’s may be the toughest yet. There are no True-False or multiple choice questions. These are short answer only.

At stake is a prize that hard-core lovers will appreciate. Once again, my friend John McLallen has offered up a set of four Ron Burton prints of cars from the sixties. I’m not sure how many sets John has, but they are very nice and suitable for framing. Past winners have sent me pictures of the prints framed and hung up in their man-caves and offices.

You will have almost two weeks to complete the quiz and send me the answers to geophillips14@gmail.com. Answers will be due by 5:00 pm central time, Tuesday May 19. Please send the question numbers that correspond with your answers. Answers without numbers will not be graded or accepted.

I will post the winner on Wednesday May 20 along with the correct answers. Good luck to all!

1. Car No.14 has won the Indianapolis 500 six times. Name all the drivers.

2. Who were the two legendary mechanics that were associated with Bill Vukovich during his winning years at Indianapolis?

3. What driver completed the most laps of any driver in an Indianapolis 500, while finishing last? What year? How many laps?

4. What was the official name of the color that John Zink used to describe his “Pink Zinks”?

5. What was the last year an upright dirt car won the Indianapolis 500? Who was the driver?

6. Al Unser finished ninth his rookie year in 1965, driving a Lola. What type car was he originally slated to drive?

7. What was the first car to win the Indianapolis 500 twice with two different drivers?

8. How many times did the reigning Formula One champion race in the Indianapolis 500? Name the drivers and years they drove in the 500 as the reigning Formula One champion.

9. Jim Hurtubise is known for campaigning a front-engine car long after they fell out of favor. What years did he drive a rear-engine car in the Indianapolis 500?

10. Ray Harroun won the Inaugural Indianapolis 500 in 1911, driving the Marmon Wasp wearing No.32. Who was the last driver to win the race driving car No.32 and in what year?

11. What was Joe Leonard’s nickname?

12. What Indianapolis 500 winning driver drove under another identity – that of another driver who was an eventual Indianapolis 500 pole winner?

13. Who was the first foreign-born driver to win the Indianapolis 500?

14. Who was the first native-born Hoosier to win the Indianapolis 500?

15. What driver analyst had to leave the IMS Radio Network booth for seven years due to a potential conflict of interest, before returning for five more years?

16. What driver also worked as a bricklayer and actually helped lay some of the brickwork at Speedway High School?

17. What is the first occupation listed on Jim Clark’s tombstone?

18. What year was the Indianapolis 500 first televised live (not closed-circuit) on ABC?

19. What was the last year that USAC sanctioned the Indianapolis 500?

20. How many drivers have won the Indianapolis 500 twice in a row? Name them.

21. “Straight No Chaser” will sing Back Home Again in Indiana at this year’s Indianapolis 500. When was the last time someone other than Jim Nabors sang that song in pre-race ceremonies (and not with the crowd singing due to his illness)? Who was it?

22. For years, Tony Kanaan was synonymous with No.11. He won the 2013 race driving that number. He now drives No.10. How many times has No.10 won the Indianapolis 500?

23. Troy Ruttman was the youngest driver to ever win the Indianapolis 500 when he won it in 1952. That record still stands today. Before Ruttman won in 1952, what driver held that record?

24. Who was the first fan in line for thirty-seven consecutive years at The Speedway?

25. The 1956 race was threatened to be postponed or even cancelled due to standing water on the track and in the infield along with flooded tunnels from heavy rains. The fact that the track was somehow made ready by race morning is affectionately known as what?

26. What organization does AJ Foyt IV currently work for?

27. There have been 98 races, but there are 101 faces on the Borg-Warner trophy. Who are the other three?

28. When was the last year a front-engine car ever raced in the Indianapolis 500?

29. Who was the last French-born driver to win the Indianapolis 500?

30. Who holds the record for most years between starts in the Indianapolis 500?

31. How many individual jets are in the fountain in front of the IMS Hall of Fame Museum?

32. Who qualified for the race, yet served as the driver analyst on the IMS Radio Network for the entire race that same year?

33. Two Super Bowl heroes were co-owners of separate teams in the 1995 Indianapolis 500. Name them.

Tie Breaker: 1958 is known for being the year that I was born. It was also the year of the first-lap crash in Turn Three that took the life of Pat O’Connor; along with being AJ Foyt’s rookie year. Name all of the remaining starters from the 1958 Indianapolis 500 that are still alive today.

How To Get Involved With Pippa Mann

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A couple of weeks ago, we learned that Pippa Mann had been confirmed to return to the pink Susan G. Komen car for the second consecutive year in this year’s Indianapolis 500. I can’t say it was a surprise. If you follow Pippa at all on social media, you know just how active she has been all through the past year, being involved with Susan G. Komen and the fight against breast cancer.

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Yesterday at IMS was a little surreal. As promised, Susan and I made the trek up to Indianapolis this weekend, for the first of four straight weekends at IMS. This was the earliest Opening Day in decades and there were signs of that. It didn’t seem like everyone was quite ready for May. There were signs in the garage area that some of the teams had not really moved in yet, as witnessed by the lack of signs over many of the doors. There were still some last minute projects for the upcoming Grand Prix weekend waiting to be done. The team’s hospitality areas were still in the process of getting set up. All in all, this was more of a soft-opening for Opening Day.

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Welcome to the Month of May and the beginning of the seventh year of Oilpressure.com. Six years ago today, I started this site. I had no idea what it would lead to when I started, nor did I have any clue I would still be blogging six years later. It has been a blast and led to experiences I never would have dreamed of. I’ve committed to myself that I will continue this site through the one-hundredth running of the Indianapolis 500 next year. After that, I’ll play it by ear.

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April was a busy month for the Verizon IndyCar Series. Unfortunately it now ends on a sour note.

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Some might wonder why I decided to post our pictures from the Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama on a Tuesday. The explanation is simple. We wanted to get home Sunday night. It takes time to load photos, especially when your wireless connection comes and goes as it did in the Media Center. As you can tell, we took lots (and lots) of pictures at Barber Motorsports Park. I hated to not post any of them, but we had a three hour drive in front of us – so there you go.

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There was probably enough gushing from me yesterday about how happy I was to finally see Nashville native Josef Newgarden earn his first win in the Verizon IndyCar series. I’ll try not to gush anymore, but suffice it to say that I was very pleased and proud of him. Now that he has finally gotten that first win, I think you can count him as one of the favorites at just about any track the series goes to.

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